Some Advice…

Should I buy investment property in OC at this time? Like most categories of RE, multifamily, office and commercial prices are high. Investors are selling long held properties and using a 1031-exchange to purchase new ones. There is action out there, and there are even some deals. But you should know that it’s not a “buyer’s market.” It’s a good time to be circumspect.

Should I list my house? Write down what you wish to achieve (we want to move…it’s a great time to sell…I’d rather have the money… I don’t like this house—or?) If you’re talking about a rental, the answer may be yes. Values are high and some sort of change is coming.

Do I have to use a real estate agent/Realtor to sell my property? No. You may have solid knowledge of the business, or you’re willing to put in extra work to save the commission, or you don’t trust real estate people…Go online and research. Talk to friends. Often, the real estate company/agent is a worthwhile expenditure, and one of the biggest services rendered is pricing the deal. There’s more, you can call me. I won’t ask to come over. And if you want to FSBO, I’ll tell you how I’d go about it. (I have never FSBO’d, but last Memorial day I danced the cha cha in an army hanger.)

I’m single and need a real estate agent. Is there anything wrong with selecting one who is great looking and possibly available? No. But if she/he is a ditz, make sure you get the broker involved (with the real estate.)

I notice many Realtors drive fancy cars. Why is that? In the OC, real estate is all about flash (much of it) The guy drove up in a $100,000 German car—he must be good. I’m not knocking great cars, just enjoying the ride.